Rocky Mountain Rafts

PRO River Outfitters is the first dealer for Rocky Mountain Rafts in the East! We are located in Southern WV New and Gauley River Country.


Rocky Mountain Rafts is a producer of commercial grade welded pvc whitewater boats at a price that most weekend boaters can afford. They currently make four sizes of selfbailing whitewater rafts – 10.5′, 12′, 13′, 14′, and 16′, two sizes of cataraft tubes – 14′ and 16′ and a single and double inflatable IK.  RMR is one of only two importers whose pvc boats are welded rather than glued. There are three floor options, standard non bailing, I-Beam Self Bailing, and  Dropstitch Self Bailing.

The staff at PRO River Outfitters has decades of experience on rivers with AIRE, Sotar, Maravia, NRS, Achilles, Avon, Star, Demaree, Hyside, and others, some of who have been around for many years. In only a few years RMR has impressed us to the point of replacing our fishing fleet with new 14’ Rocky Mountain boats and are carrying the full line for retail sales.

The warranty on all Rocky Mountain products is a solid five years, and if there were a substantial leak on a bulkhead, it is covered under that warranty. One of the most surprising features of the RMR selfbailing rafts is that they have a lace-in floor, not a permanently mounted one. Should something happen to your floor, your can unlace it if you have the time, and UPS it to RMR instead of trying to ship the whole boat. Laced floors cost far more to produce, but they have the benefit of draining a raft quicker than glued ones can. It is quite unusual to find a laced floor on a raft of this low price. Warranties on all RMR boats are five years for private use and three years for commercial use. Raft colors are blue, gray, yellow, orange, red, green, dark grey, and lime for pre season orders. We mainly keep blue. light gray, green, and red in stock. The interiors (the thwarts and floor top) are gray. With a pair of RMR cataraft tubes, unlike every other brand, you get three air chambers per side instead of two.

Individual pieces of the Rocky Mountain boats are not cut out one at a time with hand-traced cookie cutter patterns and scissors. Instead they are sliced out en masse with computer controlled band cutters foregoing much of the usual hand labor the cost to produce each raft or cat tube goes down.  RMR rafts have ten stainless D-rings outside and two more on the inside of the bow and stern. Cat tubes have four per side, or sixteen total per pair. If you need more we keep plenty in stock. Two removable thwarts and six lift handles are standard on the rafts and all boats have frame chafers, make sure you order a third thwart if you plan on paddle boating. The base fabric inside the 33 ounce pvc is a very strong 2000 denier polyester, and wrap-up layers on the underside of each raft toughen them up even more! RMR uses the low profile Leafield D-7 valves throughout and most think they are the best valves in the industry.

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