2024 Rapid Approach Rescue Boat

Rescue Cat Raft

Rescue Cat 2024

  • All-purpose boat suitable for rescuers, fire fighters, military and expeditions.
  • 2 Rescue personnel = 4 victims
  • Ideal to be used especially during floods for the rescue and transport of people.
  • Can be used during environmental accidents, rescue operations, platform for divers
  • Universal propulsion- paddle, oars, or motor


  • The boat hull consists of a circumferential tube divided with vertical partitions into 4 independent air chambers with integrated thwarts for torsional stiffness.
  • The “RAR Rescue Ramp” make it easy to load injured or stranded into boat
  • Generous stainless steel D Rings for anchoring and rigging
  • High material resistance against damage. 2000 Denier – 44 ounce PVC
  • Bottom chauffeurs 2000 Denier – 66 ounce PVC
  • Welded overlapped seams with inside and outside tape.
  • Self-Bailing Floor with cargo tie downs
  • Strong and comfortable grab handles on the boat perimeter and rescue ramp
  • Stainless D-rings for anchoring, hauling or towing.
  • Leadfield D-7 Valves for quick inflation and deflation
  • Easy handling – 2-3 people can manage the boat with motor.
  • Light weight of 70 pounds.
  • Minimum packed dimensions for transport.
  • Five-year Manufacture Warranty
  • Extra stable Twin Tube Design.
  • Floats higher than average allowing for shallow water rescue.
  • Operates reliably in difficult and inaccessible conditions.
  • Universal propulsion depending on the need – motor, paddles, oars.
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