Hyside MiniMax in Stock Blue, Kiwi, Orange, Green

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Our best seller and possibly the worlds most popular R2 boat, the Hyside Mini-Max. This truly is the rafters raft, built for any run you desire. At 10.5 feet long, this small, yet functional raft can be pushed to the limits. Small enough for pack ins at the Gunni Gorge and stable enough to drop in to Pillow Rock with confidence. From R1 to 5 man paddle crews, sporty oar laps to 2-man fishing floats, the Mini-Max is ready for your next trip. We like to use a 8′-8.5’ oar set up when rowing our Mini-Max. If you are looking for something similar but a little bit smaller check out our 9 foot Mini-Me. If you are looking for a similar built but want some more space check out our Max-12. Also, if you carry a pelican box or need a better spot for those empties while R2ing, check out our custom Thwart Handle and Case!

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