NRS Approach 120 Fishing Raft Two-Person Package Free Shipping

Catch the adventure wherever your rig can take you and wherever your buddy wants to explore in the Approach 120 fishing raft. The perfect size for two anglers and gear, the Approach 120 is built to access remote headwaters and, even when fully rigged, doesn’t need a trailer to transport it.

  • Purpose-built for stealth, the Approach micro-rafts combine smaller tubes with a thick drop-stitch floor insert to enhance buoyancy, letting it draft in really skinny water.
  • 6″ drop-stitch floor with a slip-resistant foam pad provides superior traction and grip when wet, reduces weight by eliminating casting platforms and protects the floor from grit and basic wear and tear.
  • Ultra-lightweight design for easy transport. All Approach Rafts can fit in a standard truck bed or atop a jeep or SUV.
  • Whitewater-engineered for ultimate durability with welded seam tube construction and rugged PVC materials plus bottom and top wear patches.
  • Adjustable Slot Rail engineering creates a modular frame that easily adjusts to keep anglers comfortable and the boat balanced for superior rowing performance.
  • Ten D-rings provide tie-down points for a frame or gear.
  • Three main air chambers plus the drop-stitch floor insert keep you afloat in the event of a puncture.
  • Approach Dry Box seat platforms provide convenient external trays and internal waterproof storage compartments keeping gear dry, organized, and eliminating tripping hazards.
  • Rower Seat and Angler Folding seats can attach to the Approach Dry Boxes.
  • A Molded Thigh Hook in the bow provides additional support for the front angler and features cup holders and a storage tray.
  • Internal anchor system easily controlled from the rower’s seat keeps anchor line away from anglers and gear. Includes 3/8″ anchor line.
  • Rower’s Package (sold separately) also includes a 2:1 assist pulley, making retrieving anchors an effortless task, plus a 18 lb. Tornado anchor.
  • Features high-quality Leafield™ C7 Inflation valves and six self-fabric handles.
  • 5-year retail warranty, 3-year commercial.
  • NRS Approach Fishing Raft Rower’s Package $700

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