2017 Rocky Mountain Rafts 15% OFF

2017 Rocky Mountain Rafts now in stock

10.5′ Storm – Proven to be the hottest small raft on the market. The 18′ outer tubes make it very stable for its size.

Self Bailing I-Beam Floor (blue, gray, yellow, lime, red, orange, military green) Only $1799

12′ SB-120 – Great raft for the family. 2017 comes standard with three removable thwarts. Plenty of boat for six adults and small enough to R-2 (blue, gray, military green, red, orange, lime, yellow) Only $2330

13′ SB-130 – It is a great all around river tool. Fish three, paddle a 7 load, R2, or multi day gear rig.

(blue, gray, military green, red, orange, lime, yellow) Only $2570 / Premium Drop Stitch Floor $3090

14′ SB-140 – Best Seller!  14′ long and 7′ wide work horse of a raft. 20″ outer tubes (blue, military green, red)

Only $ 2760 / Premium Drop Stitch Floor $3295

16′ SB-160 / Great for gear! 22″ main tubes and an extra thick self bailing floor make this a great gear hauler for those multi day trips. (blue, gray, military green, red, orange, lime, yellow)$3090 / Premium Drop Stitch $3810

RMR PhatCat PC-120 – The boat for the people. Designed for comfort, the 23″ main tubes will crack through the biggest waves and still cruise a tiny creek. It is the best value personal paddle boat in the whitewater market. (blue, red, orange, lime, yellow) $1350


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